We've Been Where You Are


You've been with your partner 3 months....maybe 3 years...heck, maybe you both are a decade in with a few kids in tow...regardless, you know yourself, your partner and your relationship enough to know...something isn't working. You feel stuck more days than not...this isn't the relationship that you used to know.

After conflict filled days, or maybe days with too much space and disconnect, you lay awake at night thinking:

"Will our communication ever get better? Will we ever feel like we are on the same page or will we always feel like we are arguing about the same things?"

"There are so many things I need to say...but I am afraid it is just going to make the hurt worse...I don't have energy for another fight."

"The lack of intimacy and connection makes me feel so alone...so unimportant."

"I don't know if there are any ways to get past our current issues. There's just no progress being made. Sometimes I wonder if we are better off going our separate ways..."

How do we know this feeling? Well...because we've been there. We have both felt this sense of "stuckness" in our relationships. The defeating, disconnection that feels never ending to the point that it makes you question the future with your partner. We also know this feeling because we see it daily in our professional work. Couples burnt out and feeling a little hopeless... wondering if it is even realistic to expect their partner to get it and really understand them.

Ready for the good news? You can turn it around...just like we did. You just have to be equipped with a couple things:

  1. Willingness. If you are willing to do the work to make change...that's enough to get started!
  2. Real Tools. That's what we are here for! Trying to do the same, unsuccessful techniques in your relationship can be maddening...this course will equip you with something different...that actually works!
  3. Patience. Changes takes time. We want you to have a realistic mindset going into this course. What you learn here can change your relationship...but change doesn't happen over night. You and your partner (if you are doing this partnered) will make mistakes, you will mess up, you will revert to old ways... AND you can still keep moving forward and work towards the relationship you want. Enter this course knowing you are both agreeing to make change and invest in your relationship. Use that commitment to change as motivation to give one another a bit of grace and benefit of the doubt as you navigate the murky waters of doing something different. We promise you it is worth it!

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