What It Is


The Relationship Roadmap is a self-paced interactive online course that will create lasting change in your current relationship or set you up for a relationship worthy of your time, love and vulnerability in the future.

The online course consists of three modules:

  • Attachment (how you connect & relate to others)
  • Communication (how you convey what you think and feel)
  • Sex & Intimacy (where emotional and physical connection come together)

Each module contains:

  • Straight to the point information about what works and what doesn't
  • Videos of us giving real life examples of how to apply the information and/or how it may come up in your current relationship or future relationship
  • Quizzes to help test your knowledge in each module
  • Tools you can start applying in your daily life to see the change you want and deserve. If you've got willingness to change and try something new - we take care of the rest.
  • Downloadable handouts aka cheat sheets that summarize skills, tools, etc. in a succinct easy to reference way when you or your relationship need a tune up or reminder of how to get back on track.
  • Your Relationship Roadmap Guide is your pre and post lecture check ins. We ask you the most important questions to consider prior to each section, and give you talking and reflections points to go over individually and/or together after you've completed the section. This guide ensures you get the most out of this course!
  • Community. Space to know you are not alone and get further expert advice. Each section contains a Question & Answer section for you to see what other couples and individuals are curious about or struggling with! This is also a place to ask your own questions! Read where other folx have been / what they are going through and add your own. The best part is we hop on weekly to answer questions and give feedback!

The best part is you have lifetime access and will be invited to future Decoding Couples events that are only available to those enrolled in the Relationship Roadmap course...because we want to support you in keeping the change going!

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