How It Works

How It Works

We are going to break down exactly how this course works to give you and your partner a clear idea of where your relationship stands before moving into your next step. We will define all the different parts below, and the next lecture will pull it all together with a sample course! Here we go:

First, you and your partner will read the education section of the core conversation you are working on. 

Next, you will go through the conversation starters and score your answers.

Lastly, you’ll engage each other in a series of questions and discussion through Deepen the Conversation. 

Each section also contains coping skills and resources for you to utilize along the way…because these conversations can be hard!

If you'd like to track your scores for the overall course, use the BTNS Score Sheet which you'll find at the end of this module.

This course is not designed to be done in a day. You and your partner can choose to complete one or all ten of the core conversation modules. We want you to start with a core conversation that feels most important to your relationship and work your way through the rest of them from there.

Each core conversation is broken down into the following components

  • Education: Before each core conversation, we explain why this topic is central to the growth and longevity of your relationship. It is also important that both of you start each conversation with a similar knowledge base. 
  • Conversation Starters: Next, you will have eight statements that are related to the core conversation that we want you to answer together as a couple. For each statement you will need to answer, agree, unsure or disagree. 
  • Scoring: Once you answer the eight statements, read over the scoring rubric and then go back and score each of your answers. Total your score and refer back to the scoring rubric. Your score will tell you how close, far apart or somewhere between you and your partner are in this core conversation. You can record you total scores for each core conversation on the BTNS Score Sheet.
  • Deepen the Conversation: Next, you’ll increase understanding, empathy and insight, by going through the Deepen the Conversation questions. Each statement that you read in the previous section is broken down further here, with conversation prompts to get you both talking about what matters. 

These conversations can bring up feelings of overwhelm, excitement, heaviness, discomfort, etc. We want to give you some coping skills & resources to work through those feelings so that these meaningful conversations can happen. 

  • Coping Skills: Each section will include one or two coping skills that may help you work through any emotions that may come up while going through this course. 
  • Resources: If you are wanting to explore any of the core conversations in greater depth, we’ve included resources at the end of each module.

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